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XY Retail Unveils XY Omni, Elevating Retail Omnichannel Fulfillment with Live Status Updates

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Paloma Rodrigues


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–XY Retail, a leading provider of omnichannel retail solutions, today announced the launch of XY Omni, a groundbreaking solution designed to transform the way retailers approach the shopping experience. XY Omni empowers retailers to seamlessly integrate the online and in-store shopping experience, fostering deeper engagement with customers while providing a heightened level of shopping convenience.

XY Omni offers many features designed to simplify the shopping experience and boost in-store sales. By eliminating the need for multiple systems and integrating OMS, Inventory Management, and all-in-one POS, XY Omni allows retailers to simplify their tech stacks and unlock cost savings, reducing lead times, and cutting training expenses. With XY Omni’s real-time updates and seamless connectivity between departments, brands can keep their customers informed at every step of the way.

Retailers using XY Omni can expect increased store traffic and in-stock assurance, leading to quicker service and reduced cart abandonment rates. It cuts shipping costs, enhances the overall customer experience, and streamlines operations. By centralizing multiple systems for Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) and Reserve Online, Pickup In-Store (ROPIS) functions, XY Omni provides a digitally-comprehensive solution that benefits both retailers and the consumer.

“XY Omni provides a single platform for cross-functional teams, including Store Operations, Sales, and E-commerce, ensuring a single source of truth,” said Susan Jeffers, CEO and founder of XY Retail. “Our uniquely integrated approach sets XY Omni apart, streamlining operations and enhancing the customer experience to set retailers up for success.”

About XY Retail:

XY Retail is the only headless unified commerce platform and POS built from the ground up for retail brands that want to streamline their omnichannel operations, foster meaningful customer relationships, and redefine the in-store experience for consumers and store associates. Luxury brands worldwide have adopted XY Retail’s API-driven, mobile-first cloud platform to modernize their stores and manage their entire global retail operations – from data decisioning, stock management, and order management to hyper-personalized clienteling and merchandising experiences. The platform also boosts commerce by enabling retailers to fulfill online orders up to 300 percent faster. XY Retail is headquartered in New York and Milan and operates in over 23 countries. The company is backed by Stage 1 Ventures and Monta Vista Capital.

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