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New Era in Offline Point of Sale Transactions with XY Edge

2 min read

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s critical for retailers to have access to seamless and efficient point of sale (POS) transactions. However, what happens when connectivity is intermittent or unavailable? This can result in lost sales and frustrated customers, causing a major inconvenience for retailers.

XY Edge has solved this problem with its revolutionary new functionality, making it possible for retailers to continue conducting transactions, even when offline. With XY Edge, retailers can continue to sell, place orders, sign-up new customers, maintain store associate productivity, and even collect customer feedback, all without an internet connection.

No More Network Crises with XY Edge

XY Edge’s POS system automatically detects the loss of connectivity and switches to offline mode, alerting the store associate instantly. As soon as the internet connection is restored, the system will revert back to online mode and sync immediately, ensuring that store associate productivity is never compromised.

Effortless Trading and Refunding

XY Edge’s offline mode allows retailers to accept cash, checks and gift card payments, process credit card payments through payment gateways, perform exchanges, and even refund orders. Printed receipts are provided to customers, and email receipts are sent once the internet connection is restored. Customer data is available so sales associates can continue to deliver personalised service. 

Endless Aisle, Even Without the Internet

XY Edge’s unique omni-channel functionality means that even when offline, associates can access the last available inventory data on all channels, and place orders on behalf of customers. This feature empowers retailers to tap into their 360-degree inventories, regardless of the internet connection.

Performance Metrics and Security

XY Edge provides offline performance metrics per device, allowing retailers to measure the impact of their POS system on overall business sales. Additionally, all data is securely stored locally on the device, encrypted in compliance with industry standards.

XY Edge has changed the game for offline point of sale transactions. Retailers no longer have to fear lost sales or frustrated customers, and store associates can continue to conduct transactions stress-free, even when connectivity is not available. Upgrade your POS system to XY Edge today and experience the future of retail.