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Move Over, Quiet Luxury? Loud Luxury Is Coming Back

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The luxury fashion market is constantly evolving, with new trends – like Barbiecore and the return of Y2K – emerging all the time. Recently, we saw “quiet luxury” surge, driven in some part by the success of HBO’s series Succession. But, with the end of Succession, will we also see the end of quiet luxury?

Quiet luxury, which has always been an important sector of the luxury market,  is all about understated elegance. It’s about choosing pieces that are well-made and timeless, rather than flashy or attention-grabbing. Loud luxury, on the other hand, is all about making a statement. It’s about choosing pieces that are bold, eye-catching, and unique.

It looks like both quiet luxury and loud luxury are thriving in the market. According to Fashionphile’s 2023 Ultra Luxury Resale Report, searches for popular quiet luxury brands like Celine and Bottega Veneta were up by 34% in 2023 – but searches for flashy accessories, such as handbags and wallets from Louis Vuitton’s most recent collaboration with artist Yayoi Kusama and statement jewelry by Chanel, surged even more this year, by 71%. So, while loud luxury assuredly never completely left the fashion scene, it’s definitely roaring in popularity right now.

This trend in the popularity of flashier luxury accessories is likely due to a number of factors. One factor is the rise of social media. In the age of Instagram and TikTok, people are more likely to want to wear clothes and accessories that will get them noticed. Social media is largely a visual platform, and people are constantly bombarded with images. As a result, they feel the need to stand out in order to stay relevant. Another driver may be the continued popularity of streetwear, known for its bold and eye-catching designs. This has led to a demand for luxury accessories that can be dressed up or down. 

So, which trend – quiet luxury or loud luxury – will have the most staying power? The answer is, why not both? For retailers, this means a commitment to a clienteling strategy that understands your brand’s customers as a whole, as well as individually. Clienteling is the process of building long-term relationships with customers by collecting data on their purchasing behavior, preferences, interests, and product knowledge. Sales associates and other customer-facing staff then use this data to provide customers with a truly personalized shopping experience, often using an in-store application designed for this purpose.

Using the principles of clienteling and an understanding of how trends operate, retail associates can help make better recommendations. If a particular customer’s clienteling profile suggests they chose understated, quiet luxury looks last year like cashmere sweaters because they were following Kendall Roy’s wardrobe choices, they may be looking for items that are more attention-getting this year. Or, their shopping history may suggest that quiet luxury always has been and will continue to be their look. 

XY Retail is committed to helping your sales associates create the most personalized interactions possible with customers. Our platform and mobile app empower sales associates with access to CRM, eCommerce, POS, and real-time inventory information, which enhances their ability to make shopping more personal and relevant for customers. Backed by our decision-making engine, we help your sales associates provide valuable insights and product recommendations that will pique a specific consumer’s interest or address their unique needs. Clienteling can also be used at checkout to ensure that payment processing and fulfillment, as well as returns and exchanges, are painless and tailored to the customer’s needs and preferences.

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